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A note in a glass. 10 songs about wine, always related to music

A note in a glass. 10 songs about wine, always related to music

giugno 8, 2017 news-eng

A close link, wine and art have twisted their paths in an absolutely natural way. It’s as if art has drank in a large glass of good red wine to draw inspiration. In every field: from painting to sculpture, from poetry to music and cinema, the artist has seen in the wine a vital momentum, a hug of passion that helps to create.

We decided to do an imaginary journey to seek out the links between art and wine. The first stage stop in the music world. Short sentences, lyrics, some rhyme, up to whole songs dedicated to wine, the real protagonist both in national and international production. In a wide range of pieces of music that see the wine on a sheet music, we chose 10 songs. Is not a music chart, but simply a randomly arranged list.

Ready? Turn up the volume, sit back and sip your glass of wine… hereinafter 10 songs about wine. Enjoy you listening!

  1. La collina – Fabrizio De Andrè (1971). From the album “Non al denaro, non all’amore, né al cielo”. It is about Jones, a player who has lived his life doing what he wanted without any regret: “offrì la faccia al vento, la gola al vino e mai un pensiero non al denaro, non all’amore né al cielo” he sang.
  2. L’avvelenata – Francesco Guccini (1976). Another classic of 70’s Italian music. His album “Via Paolo Fabbri 43″is a real outrage screamed by the songwriter of Modena against the music critic Riccardo Bertoncelli who had literally destroyed his record work. “Mi piace far canzoni e bere vino, mi piace far casino, poi sono nato fesso” (I like to play song and drink wine, I like to mess up, I’m born idiot) one of the phrases that Guccini devotes to the critic who will later become his friend.
  3. Hotel California – Eagles (1976). The first foreign song in this list, taken from the album that has the same name. The US group describes this imaginative hotel, a true exaltation of high life in a perfect hedonistic style. “Please bring me my wine, he said”, sang the Los Angeles guys, wine is the major source of joy and carefree.
  4. Killer Queen – Queen (1974) taken from the album Sheer Heart Attack, describes an easy virtue’s woman who wants to live as a queen, though she cannot always afford it. “She keeps Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet”.
  5. Il vino – Piero Ciampi (1971). A song that takes the name from the album of the singer-songwriter from Livorno, that exalt any kind of wine. Let’s mentione the beginning of the two verses of this futuristic text: “Com’è bello il vino, rosso rosso rosso, bianco è il mattino, sono dentro a un fosso”. (How beautiful is wine, red red red, white is the morning, I’m in a ditch) and then, “Ma com’è bello il vino, bianco bianco bianco, rosso è il mattino, sento male a un fianco”. (How beautiful is wine, white white white, red is the morning, I feel hurt my hip). A really sad song about a man who, for a long time in his short life, had only the bottle as consolation.
  6. DiVino – Marta Sui Tubi (2011) from the album “Carne con gli occhi” in which the band enumerates all the things that can be done in life, starting with the “180,345 dreams” that a man will do in his life, coming to the exploitation of the chorus: “you beat lashes 400 million times, you drink 1000 beers and 2000 bottles of wine”. In fact, the song is a real denunciation of consumerism.
  7. You cannot always get what you want – Rolling Stones (1969). This is a song from the album “Let it bleed”. Apparently dedicated to an elusive woman, the meaning has always been very cryptic. But what we need is in the early verse: “I saw her today at the reception, a glass of wine in her hand”. Once again wine is passion, is love…
  8. Il pane, il vino e la visione – Sergio Cammariere (2006). A wonderful song from the album that has the same name, the Calabrian pianist dreams of a world without differences, a utopian world in which everyone is equal, like the divine teaching “Se potrai davvero dividere il pane, il vino e la visione e affrontare ogni giorno con un sorriso”(If you can really split bread, wine and vision and face daily with a bow).
  9. 20 bottiglie di vino – Bandabardò (2000). A cheerful text from the album “Mojito Football club”. An ode to life, a life in which the wine is predominantly for the group: “20 bottiglie di vino, chi dice di più, chi dice di meno” (20 bottles of wine, who says more, who says less) the mantra repeated in every chorus. That wine able to transforming the weeping into rice …
  10. Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley (1994). The original version of this song was made by James Shelton, but honestly, Jeff Buckley’s voice makes it special. The text is dedicated to an ex-girlfriend and the grief for her absence. “Lilac wine is sweet and heady, where’s my love? Lilac wine, I feel unready, where’s my love? “.

10 songs in which wine is the protagonist or a simple story viewer. But this I do know: art and wine always go hand in hand.