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Amaluna, the first spumante made in Salento

Amaluna, the first spumante made in Salento

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White Spumante out of black Negroamaro grapes made with a charmat method, official opening the new Maci’s sparkling wine equipment.


Maci: our sparkling wine ready to conquer the market


Arrive Amaluna, the new spumante of Due Palme, all realized in Salento, thanks to the sparkling wine equipment built for the wine harvest of 2015. A new challenge that enthuses the President Angelo Maci, captain of the all wine growers of Salento.

“It’s a significant target for our wine cellar and 1000 partners, considering the big economic load.” Explain the President Maci. “We trust in this investment because we thought that the dynamic and flexible grape of negroamaro, had all the ability to create a territorial spumante, with easy appeal and soft approval. A sparkling wine of Salento that is dedicated to the middle market and it’s for everybody; it wants to be the precursor of a new culture that looks to a glass of a good wine as an aggregation element. For this reason, Amaluna has the ambition to play a social and cultural role.”

But the international market asks the production of an high quality sparkling wine and Due Palme avoid being caught unprepared. According to the analysis published by ISMEA in February, there is a boom of sparkling wine, 1.6 million hectoliter (+16% annualisation) on 556 million equivalent loan (+18%).

After the big success of Melarosa, Due Palme is ready to faces a new important challenge for positioning themselves in a biggest market.

Have the production chain in house means keep prices at low level also for the consumer.

“It is a young and easy product – say Assunta De Cillis, General Manager of Due Palme – and it will be positioning themselves in a defined market. We want to conquer horeca and superhoreca, it means restaurant and night world. We are sure to be able to satisfy merchants and young people.”


The investment: spumantization speaks salentino.

It was necessary an investment of 1.500.000 euro for the realization of the newborn brand of the co-operative of Cellino San Marco, realized with a co-financing of 50% of the 2007/2013 PSR funds of Misura 123 (ERDF) and approved with the intent to incurred the regional production of sparkling wine PDO and PGI with positive feedback in the market.

A challenge that the biggest co-operative wine cellar in the South of Italy – that produces other sparkling wine – took up to realize from negroamaro the most flexible sparkling wine all made in house, of the South of Italy.

“Thanks to this investment, we do not go in Veneto but our sparkling wine process is all made in our cellar.”

The new technology research and attention is always the mission of Due Palme.

Amaluna, a lovely wine.

“Moon is the symbol of the beginning and the end of the tumultuous passion. Moon regulates nature and changes of mood, is studied to understand the deep sensibility of its effect on the emotions. Moon is the generating female principle, mother in which entrust. How many traditions about the moon? How long the farmers invoke the moon in their dreams and aspirations? Here, we only celebrate the moon with an alliance that, I, Angelo Maci myself (AMA stay for Angelo Maci), I underwrite in first person and in the name of Due Palme.” 


Due Palme featuring Futuro Remoto

Produce wine is like tell about a territory. Make the most of a vineyard means reinforce the identity and the history of the territory themselves. From this awareness and share of intentions born the partnership between Due Palme and Gianni De Benedettis a goldsmith came from Lecce, Futuro Remoto’s owner, a brand known thanks to the important elegant design realizations that also conquered Ferzan Ozpetec.

Gianni De Benedettis realized only for Due Palme two bijoux inspired by Amaluna that make the wine immortal with a precious bracelet for man and woman, that will be presented in the fashion contest and they will be the symbol of Salento and world ambassador of best practice, excellence, network and marketing.



Cellino san Marco, 2016 March 23



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Due Palme featuring Futuro Remoto

Produrre un vino è un po’ raccontare un territorio. Valorizzare un vitigno significa rafforzare l’identità e la storia di quello stesso territorio. Da questa consapevolezza e da questa condivisione di intenti è nata la partnership tra Due Palme e l’orafo leccese Gianni De Benedittis, anima di Futuro Remoto, un brand conosciuto grazie alle importanti realizzazioni dal design raffinato che hanno conquistato il cinema di Ferzan Ozpetec.

Gianni De Benedittis ha realizzato in esclusiva per Due Palme due bijoux che si ispirano ad Amaluna e che rendono il vino immortale, racchiudendolo in un prezioso bracciale nella versione uomo e in quella donna che saranno presentati nei fashion contest e che diventeranno simbolo di una salentinità che si farà ambasciatrice nel mondo di buone prassi, di eccellenza e di network e marketing.

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Cellino san Marco, 23 marzo 2016



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