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Welcome to Cantine Due Palme!

Our top tips to make your visit and wine tasting experiences even more enjoyable:

  1. Visit the winery – A winery visit is about the full experience, not just the wines! Book your tour and discover how we make the wine you love, meet our staff, talk to people involved in winemaking phases, walk across the production area and the cellar, smell the taste of French and American woods and spot the difference! And don’t forget to invite your friends!
  2. Taste the wine & eat our delicatessen – We invite you to take a drive out to the production winery to savor fine wines; no matter what time of the year, there is always something perfect to taste and eat at Cantine Due Palme. Book your tasting and match our wines with special local dishes cooked “like at home”. Our canteen can welcome up to 80 people together.
  3. Learn more about local culture – “Selvarossa” Conference Room is perfectly equipped to receive more than 800 people; usually we meet the members of the cooperatives once per week and organize some conferences and cultural events.
  4. Ask questions – Due Palme Team is at your disposal at any time for any information or details concerning production, marketing and selling.
  5. Buy what you like – our wine shop is very close to the winery. Relax yourself and have a look to the shelves. Buy only what you like! A special getaway for your familiars and friends could be your selected wine, why not?

Our winery is a special place where people come to awaken the palate with by celebrating and learning about the many nuances of wine: growing and tasting, pairing and serving, buying and cellaring.

Visitors to the winery can choose from a rich variety of experiences. From tasting to pairing wine and local food, at Cantine Due Palme there is something to suit every taste!

Book your visit and wine tasting at 0039.0831.159.31.19 or puntovenditacellino@cantineduepalme.it; Anna 0039.327.12.82.644; Michele 0039.338.59.80.560 (both Italian and English speakers).


Spumanti & Appetizers for € 2,50 – guided tour enclosed for € 7,50

(choose between Melarosa, Amaluna extra dry and Amaluna dry)


Basic & Appetizers for € 2,50 – guided tour enclosed for € 7,50

(choose between Canonico, Santa Caterina and Rosalita)


Classici & Appetizers for € 3,00 – guided tour enclosed for € 8,00

(choose between Muina, Albrizzi, DonCosimo, SanGaetano, Angelini, Camarda, Montecoco, Bagnara, Anthea and Corerosa)


Top & Appetizers for € 4,00 – guided tour enclosed for  € 9,00

(choose between Serre, Ettamiano, Tinaia and Selvabianca)


Super Top & Appetizers for € 5,00 – guided tour enclosed for € 10,00

(choose between Selvarossa, Metodo Classico Bianco and Rosato)


Cru & Appetizers for € 7,00 – guided tour enclosed for € 12,00

(choose between Terra and 1943)

SPECIAL! HAVE A LUNCH WITH US FOR € 55,00 per person

  • Delicious Starters & our Negroamaro bubbles
  • Typical Apulian courses matched with a White IGP and a Red Negroamaro or Primitivo IGP wines.

Guided tour enclosed