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Is wine good for health? Is B. Franklin that answer to the “French paradox”

Is wine good for health? Is B. Franklin that answer to the “French paradox”

There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking.” Benjamin Franklin figured it all, and that certainly does not surprise!  If we consider that during his 84 years of life, he has been journalist, politician, scientist, inventor and musician and he has also found the United States of America, he understood 150 years before the beneficial effects of wine. He realized that besides the beauty of taste, the wine had something more to the health of the men.

Is wine good for health? That is the question!!! Actually, our forefathers didn’t care for centuries about  this thing. The wine was good, it let you smiled and made every company pleasant. And that was enough! The scientific discoveries of modern times, have been tried dot the i’s and cross the t’s on what any man should eat or drink.

If drunk moderately, the answer will always be one: yes. Why? The secret lies in polyphenols. We promise not to do a scientific treatise, but an explanation needs to be given. You should know that tannins in grape skins, strictly black berry, have a beneficial effect on circulation and consequently on the heart.

This discovery was made by studying what scientists have called the “French paradox“, that is why, although the Transalpines have a fat diet, with many cheeses and sauces, they do not, have high cholesterol problem. From this curiosity, it has come to be said that the French secret is the wine. Tannins “clean” the arteries, preventing stroke and heart problems. In addition, they have antioxidant properties that help clean the body from cellular waste, which never hurts.

So it’s official! Wine is good for health. Yes, but not more than two glasses a day for man, and one for a woman. If you should overcome the mezzoliter, the effects would be devastating especially for the liver. So taste, taste wine, always with moderation. And always during a meal, preferably at dinner.

Not only beneficial effects for the heart and circulation. Red wine retards the skin’s aging and the sparkling wine also facilitates digestion. Wine as a panacea of ​​all evils. Drinking wine is good for health, Franklin figured it all. Wine is good for our body and good for the spirit. Good humor lies in the wine, and this discovery is definitely thanks to our ancestors.