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New labels in the name of Italian style

New labels in the name of Italian style


Cantine Due Palme: the new labels in “Aluminium Supermbossed” UPM Raflatac tell the Italian elegance and refinement.

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The latest technology wrapped around a bottle full of history.

Cantine Due Palme, the paper mill UPM Raflatac, the graphic design studio GFC Associati and the label manufacturer Imoco, have joined together to create a label with a unique design, epitomizing elegance and authentic Italian style.


Due Palme has been our special partner since so longFabio Barnaba says, as CEO of the studio GFC Associati in Martina Franca “And they have recently asked for a total and strong restyling of their top brand labels: Selvarossa, 1943 and Ettamiano.”

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We wanted the restyling of labels telling with real passion the history of wine as a unique experience for the palate, using Italian elegance and refinement,” said Piero Narcisi, Art Director at GFC Associati. “We took care of the design in detail and discovered the different printing techniques to highlight the precious nature of these wines.”


Imoco identified the best material to create a label extremely sophisticated: “We chose Aluminium Superembossed UPM Raflatac” said Luca Moretto, the Adhesives Division area manager in Imoco SpA.


The combination between this material and our printing processes, has created this unique label of its kind.” Sophisticated design for the most precious treasure.


The President of Cantine Due Palme, Angelo Maci, is the head of the largest cooperative of Puglia for 27 years. With 1.200 members, the cooperative is one of the most important companies in the Italian wine scene. For Maci was essential to integrate the basic elements of wine production in the label design, as well as the deep interest in wine, all-Italian, the strength and passion of a land with a long history of struggle for its identity. The result of the cooperation exceeds the highest expectations of Angelo Maci:

Our most precious treasure is the wine” he said “these labels tell in a unique and elegant way, a story of love, passion and tradition contained in each bottle.”


The common theme in in the history of Due Palme is certainly the uniqueness,” said Dario Santilli, Sales Manager of UPM Raflatac. “This authenticity is transferred to a captivating label that offers a sophisticated experience.”