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Selvarossa, 10 years of Tre Bicchieri

Selvarossa, 10 years of Tre Bicchieri

Meanwhile on November 19th Cinque Grappoli ceremony in Rome.

Ten Years of Tre Bicchieri to Selvarossa. No hesitation for the tasters of Gambero Rosso, since 2008 they have always given highest honors to Salice Salentino of Cantine Due Palme.


It’s a beautiful goal – says Angelo Maci, President of the Cooperative – which repays the effort that see us focused every day in the production of a great wine.” From the pruning to the drying of the grapes; the selected Negroamaro grapes that become Selvarossa, follow a quality project that engages the technical team led by Nico Scarano. Pruners and winemakers, always repeat the skillful deed of Maci, that is  the undisputed father of Selvarossa.


It is a wine with a strong symbolic value; Selvarossa is the wine that marked the switch of the Cooperative of Cellino San Marco, from company that produce large wine tanks into Cooperative that has granted dignity to Salento’s wine growing. At the end of the 80’s began a growth, that thanks to the intuition of Maci and a group of growers, who wanted to bet on cooperation, we can  talk about Apulia’s wine in the world. This is thanks to an important guide as Gambero Rosso, which is all around the world and is ambassador of Italian wine in each continent.


This award make us proud – says the President Maci – an award that I share with all my  team of employees and cooperative members, each one contributed to the success for Cantine Due Palme and throughout the Salento” .


On October 29th in the frame of the Auditorium Maximum in Rome, Selvarossa was crowned in the ranks of the best Italian wines, the ceremony has been a particularly felt in the world of wine because it coincided with the 30th anniversary of Tre Bicchieri.

The confirmation of an award – says the General Managaer Assunta De Cillis – gives to us the feeling that is the right track, but we do not stop to this consideration, we are people of the south, we use to work hard, and from here we start to make more and better. ”


Next date for Cooperative of Cellino San Marco is November 19th  in Rome with Cinque Grappoli ceremony to Selvarossa. Also this year, Bibenda, the guide created by Franco Maria Ricci, for the fourth consecutive year gives to this wine an important accolade.