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Angelo Maci of the famed Cantine Due Palme winery is a great ambassador for Italian – especially Puglian – wine. The key lies in the irresistible Negroamaro grape which, in this case, has produced the fruitiest Italian red you could hope for. Mr. Maci has access to a prime site of low yielding, very old bush vines for his wonderful wine.

In the recent years, Cantine Due Palme has carried out two notable, praiseworthy viticultural projects:

1) the rediscovery, revaluation and massale propagation of Susumaniello, a rare, near-extinct red-berry variety native of Salento, once highly reputed in the region for yielding elegant, exotically spiced medium-bodied reds;

2) the reintroduction of ‘Settonce’, the ancient Roman pattern for planting a vineyard and optimize the geometrical surface of any given field, through the traditional ‘Alberello’ training-system (free-standing low bushvine).

Another huge projects is a production that respects the environment. In the past three years, we have invested a lot in the pesticide-free production, receiving the “Check Fruit Certification” as unique as sole winery in Italy. This Certification is a warranty of grapes grown in the absence of chemical insecticides using the “sexual confusion system” to fight the moth, a pest animal insect really dangerous for vines.