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The special prize “Due Palme” is back

The special prize “Due Palme” is back

A prize born in 2008 of an idea by Angelo Maci, it wants to be a public recognition for those who work with important results in the world of research, oenology, institution, solidarity, communication, sport and journalism. It’s a prize that celebrated the exploits and history of leading Italian personalities, operating abroad too.


Today the special prize Due Palme is moving towards the territory and the emotions, wants to honor the work of all the people in Apulia, that through their work and their attitudes are interpreters of a way of being of an extraordinary land.


The lowest common denominator among the addressees personalities of Due Palme’s award, therefore becomes the authentic Apulian style, it wants to enhance that ties with the land in which men and women, are not only expression of territorial excellence but they  have formed and shaped their genius loci.


There are a lot of Apulia’s sons that emigrated, to make it easier to express their professional specialties. Despite the distance they never forgot where they came from, because the roots remain firmly in the soul of those who in this southern of Italy has been formed.


From the partnership between two great excellence: Due Palme and New Basket Brindisi, – explain Assunta De Cillis, General Manager of Due Palme – was born out the idea of revival the tradition of rewarding an excellent Apulian person and to propose, in a modern way and at the side of big personalities of local sports, a prize that reflects the territory.” It will be the parquet of Pala Pentassuglia, during the games played indoors from the team of Nando Marino, that will host the award ceremony of a leading figures that should be an authentic interpreter of “salentinità” bastion of true belonging to the territory.


Giving an award is not only an exercise of gratitude – explains Angelo Maci, President of Due Palme – but is also the chance to demonstrate how important is a teamwork. Because only from the convergence, this territory can take a great growth and from the example of great minds that the new generations can learn lesson”.