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Trick by the champagne cork? Wine, between history and anecdotes

Trick by the champagne cork? Wine, between history and anecdotes

If we told you that a champagne stopper can be “fired” away from the bottle at over 100km hours? Do not believe it, do you? If you pay more attention during the next festivities, you will not put in its trajectory. If you do not believe it, and you love the risk, you can always check it out personally. But do not say we did not warn you!

Actually, there are a lot of things that we still do not know about the world of wine. Curiosity that often you ignore or that remain among the pages of some history book.

History, culture, traditions, where wine remains the only true actor on stage. Habits of different populations, idioms, curiosity that make us stick to the wine gla… ehm, on the screen.

We selected 10 of them. All curiosities that could not end in the abyss of forgetfulness. Let’s begin?

1 – It’s certainly worth knowing that in our country, wine has been produced over 3,000 years. In fact, the ancient Greeks began to produce wine, around 1000 BC.

2 – The oldest fossil finds of grapevines in Tuscany, date back to 2 million years ago. Since when you drink the most classic grape juice? From Neolithic.

3 – Italy is the first nation in the world to have the most variety of vines. To the glory of French cousins!

4 – The Vatican is the city where people drink more: few inhabitants, lots of wine consumed. It has something to do with Sunday Holy Mass?

5 – We move from the Vatican to Eastern Europe. In Budapest, as in all of Hungary, there is a very special tradition: never end the wine inside the glass; this tradition is related to the history of one of the best Hungarian wines, Eszsencia, a wine that was so dense that it made impossible to drink the last drops, which remained on the bottom of the glass. What a waste!

6 – Let’s pop up the mountains. We are in Cortina d’Ampezzo, and we take another good European primacy. Is on the “Queen of the Dolomites” the highest vineyard in Europe! 1350 meters above sea level … not bad!

7 – Point to the French cousins, thanks to the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is currently the most cultivated grape variety in the world.

8 – Let’s go back to the curiosity with which we have opened this list of ten points. The Champagne cork that can become a real weapon. Normally, the recorded speed for a Champagne cork is around 65km/h. But the record belongs to the cork that ran from its bottle to 106 km/h. So, next time someone manages a bottle of sparkling wine … away from the wake !!! And eye on the windows …

9 – Why is the bottom of the bottle concave? Two answers, one is about the convenience of pour wine into the wine glass, and the second has an historical explanation: in the 4th century, this bell-bottom was invented not only for stability, but also because this form allows you to collect wine deposits.

10 – No, we did not trick. All we have told is absolutely true. By the way … why Italian people said “non lasciarti infinocchiare“? What is the connection between wine and fennel. When the innkeeper wanted to give customers a rancid wine, they used dishes with raw fennel. Why? Because it softens the mouth, altering other flavors. He’s feeling her up!?